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Long-form Copy for FEMA Proposal 

FEMA’s noble mission is to create a culture of preparedness in America.  Just as it is noble, it is also complex and difficult.  Before, during and after times of crisis, FEMA must communicate with more than 320 million citizens of the United States in a way that is visually consistent and universally recognizable as an official FEMA communication, yet socio-demographically targeted.  Your communication strategy must therefore involve establishing a consistent, recognizable and repeatable format within which the context and messaging can change to reflect the needs of the situation (i.e. a reference, a warning tool, a call-to-action) and cultural dimensions.

FEMA and the American public are best served when messaging strategies are based on sound research so they can be delivered in the most effective manner to the public. With an overall communication grand strategy, FEMA will be able to create public resilience, awareness, and personal responsibility, and inspire the public, through FEMA’s messaging, to “control their own destiny” with positive calls to action.  Team CTC will be a steady and agile support in building a grand communication strategy and creating the culture of calm preparedness that FEMA intends.

With Team CTC’s support, a grand communication strategy will include outreach materials that will be developed and maintained with the most up to date market knowledge at the granular level of individual consumers, standard talking points that will feel like personal communications to individual audience members, and presentation content that will answer the burning questions and speak directly to the concerns (or apathies) of each intended audience member.  To each member of the public, FEMA will feel like a personal ally and confidante.  And, to FEMA, the public will feel like a responsive community of individuals.

Team CTC has extensive experience providing messaging tailored to target audiences, identifying individuals within every region by background, dialect and motivations.  Our expertise in global marketing and communication strategies will help us understand the differences in FEMA’s audience behavior and receptiveness to messaging across cultural groups in the United States.  Rooted in our understanding of e-commerce and new media, this bespoke messaging and communication approach will drive up the engagement ratio, improve stakeholder sentiment and deliver concrete results. 

Team CTC also has extensive experience conducting research, developing training materials, modeling hypothetical scenarios, and establishing deeper, more meaningful connections with at-risk and disadvantaged people across the United States. From a commercial marketing perspective, all aspects of consumer behavior are culture-bound.  So, researching, developing and communicating a message that motivates across cultures and subcultures requires marketers to intricately understand each consumer’s journey and the impact of socio-cultural forces on consumer behavior.  Our unique approach to this cultural awareness within populations is highlighted by a focus on three areas of communication: language, subculture, and granularity.  These areas overlap at the design level in the individual.  It is at this nexus that Team CTC offers innovation.

Human-Centered Design is an iterative design-thinking process that digs deep into what really resonates with people. Rather than making assumptions, we go straight to the source. The public that will consume the message is the same public that will help us formulate it. We believe that there is no audience too large for tailored messaging, even the “general” public.  Human-Centered Design will be an effective tool as stakeholders at state and local levels can be tapped to learn about what type of guidance they would value from FEMA, what would be considered not useful or even intrusive, and how to deliver guidance they need packaged as guidance they want.  The core of Team CTC’s approach is based on gaining this deep insight into, and intimate awareness of, what motivates people at each level of crisis management.  These motivations are the foundation of Individual and Community Preparedness.

Our aim is to help FEMA communicators at every organizational level deliver seamless, effective, targeted, and personalized messaging that puts the audience first.  Predicated on awareness and empathy, our collaboration with FEMA will further enable it in its mission to create a culture of Preparedness in America.   The beating heart of this collaboration will be the ability to use FEMA’s current and formidable experience and knowledge base in crisis management in conjunction with our unique tools to help FEMA grow even further in its capabilities to communicate and facilitate the most effective response to crisis.  Before, during, and after times of crisis, we will bring every resource at our disposal to help FEMA help America, with all of its immense geography and amazing cultural diversity.  We thrive in the activity of this vast and varied playing field and we look forward to working with FEMA to meet its goals and find new successes.

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