Professional Portfolio

Mark entwines stories with a social and environmental conscience, even as he boldly entertains. He has worked on feature-length adaptations, page-one rewrites with producer and director oversight, and original films - including a thriller, a sci-fi epic, an action-fantasy, and a musical - and has written, revised and consulted on multiple pilots for television. He has also developed a comic based in his once long-time neighborhood of Venice Beach called The Boardwalk Guardians.

Samples available upon request.

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2019  GO BACK - a sci-fi comedy feature about aging gracelessly and trying to turn back the clock

2019  CALL ME ISHMAEL - a culturally relevant, contemporary and visually inventive retelling of the classic, Moby-Dick

2018  RIDE - thriller about a girl on a ride-share gone terribly wrong, Official Selection Beverly Hills and Oaxaca Film Festivals
2017  DARK WOLF - an action fairytale with a mythic spin on werewolves
2016  NATURAL HISTORY - a workplace sitcom based on Mark's time at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

2015  SHARED SPACE - a workplace sitcom set in space, Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest (2018)
2014  SNAPSHOTS OF THE PAST - a Dinosaur Encounter written for NHMLA
2013  Rydell Essayist for THE TALE OF HILLBELLY at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
2013  MANCHESTER - a Neo-Noir set in LA, page-one rewrite in preproduction
2013  MA Thesis: Rain Maker: How Imagination and Fantasy Create Pathways to Empathy and Healing
2012  THE BOARDWALK GUARDIANS - an unconventional super-hero comic book set on Venice Beach
2011  RAIN MAKER - an original epic sci-fi screenplay about a girl surviving on a world of ice
2011  Contributor to the ‘Society to Save Rocks Quarterly Newsletter, Jan-March 2011’ Hyderabad, India
2010  RUMOURS - an original movie musical - The Big Chill meets Mamma Mia! - with the songs of Fleetwood Mac
2009  MOBY-DICK - a wholly original and faithful adaptation of Herman Melville’s novel